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Controlling for Quality: The Supports Science Teachers Deserve

One thing I remember decades after my last public school science class is the importance of controls and variables. Without the control in an experiment, we can’t reliably understand the outcomes represented by other variables. One of the most important controls we can offer science students today is a well-supported educator. When teachers have quality materials and aligned professional learning opportunities, they are better prepared to face all the variables that engaging children can present.

Unlocking Science Teaching and Learning with a Common Vision: A Q&A with Instruction Partners

During last month’s Science Education Transformation panel at an event on the Future of Education hosted by The Hill, officials and experts agreed on the urgent need to expand quality science teaching and learning across the country. To dig into how we do that, I spoke with Jessica Henderson-Rockette, Director of Science at Instruction Partners, for the second entry in my series of interview-style blogs with science education experts.

Science Can’t Be Just a Catchword in Pandemic Recovery

As a public school board member through the first two years of the pandemic, there was one word I heard more than any other in public comments about the health and safety issues before us: Science. And without getting into the politics of how that concept was tossed about, I was as focused as anyone on the need to use hard evidence for the difficult decisions we had to make.


Solidify from Instruction Partners

Solidify is an interactive workbook that integrates some of the best available science instructional support tools and resources into a practical, self-paced series for science leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of the instructional shifts characterizing excellent science teaching and learning.

Professional Development that Improves STEM Outcomes

Report from the Phi Delta Kappan Journal seeking to discover what kinds of teacher learning are most likely to improve students’ performance in STEM disciplines.

Call to Action for Science Education

A report from the Carnegie Foundation calling for improved access to high-quality science learning opportunities through improved, high-quality instructional materials, aligned professional development, and a national push for prioritizing higher-quality science education for K-12 and post-secondary students.

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