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Paving the Way: How State Leaders Can Improve Science Education for All Students

As our country continues to push past two pandemic-heavy years, academic recovery remains at the forefront of education conversations. While it’s been great to see examples of states and districts investing in math and reading acceleration, it’s been harder to find those focusing on the subject of science. But that doesn’t mean science isn’t on the radar – or that there isn’t a critical role for state leaders to play in advancing science education.

Governors Agree to Expand Computer Science Education.

How Should States Lead?

Governors Agree to Expand Computer Science Education. How Should States Lead? While every state has had different approaches on how to handle the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, it would be hard for anyone to argue with our shared increase of reliance on technology since March 2020. And while a lack of consensus on many pandemic recovery [...]

The Evidence for Improving Science Education

“Evidence-based, research-backed, data-driven…”: our world is increasingly focused on evidence at all levels – and rightly so. Evidence is a central part of any argument and allows us to verify our hunches while laying solid ground for future action. In education, we rely on evidence to understand which programs and policies have the greatest impacts for students. In the realm of quality science education, two new pieces of evidence offer a reminder of just how far we all have to go – but also some good news about the transformational potential of strong instruction.


Call to Action for Science Education

A report from the Carnegie Foundation calling for improved access to high-quality science learning opportunities through improved, high-quality instructional materials, aligned professional development, and a national push for prioritizing higher-quality science education for K-12 and post-secondary students.

Professional Development that Improves STEM Outcomes

Report from the Phi Delta Kappan Journal seeking to discover what kinds of teacher learning are most likely to improve students’ performance in STEM disciplines.

Solidify from Instruction Partners

Solidify is an interactive workbook that integrates some of the best available science instructional support tools and resources into a practical, self-paced series for science leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of the instructional shifts characterizing excellent science teaching and learning.

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