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17 States Highlight Quality Curriculum Initiatives in NAEP Score Responses

The educational data floodgates are wide open after a pandemic-era drought. From last week’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) release sharing data from 50 states and 26 cities to the Education Recovery Scorecard that maps district-level learning loss for 30 states and counting, there is no shortage of data to inform the deluge of stories about COVID’s impact on academic progress.

There’s a Place at the Math Table for Every Student

There’s a Place at the Math Table for Every Student Is there anything more nerve wracking than walking into a crowded lunchroom and finding your place at a table? As the mom of two middle schoolers who’ve just returned to eating in “normal” cafeterias for the first time since COVID, I’m hearing a lot about [...]

The Results Are In: Teachers Are the Center of Quality Curriculum

Let’s face facts: social media is a tough environment during election season. As spring primaries unfold, it’s easy to get caught up in divisive posts. My solution? Scroll past that noise and focus instead on the interesting “edunews.” When I do, it strikes me that more and more surveys, reports, and policy papers with compelling insights for curriculum advocates are rising to the top. And among them, one theme catches my eye: the importance of educators in all levels of development of quality materials and training.



Accelerate, Don’t Remediate

TNTP on the impact of Zearn’s high-quality math curriculum on accelerating, rather than remediating, student learning.

Nebraska Invests in K-8 Math Acceleration and Analyzes Impact

Information and expert commentary from the EduRecoveryHub on how offering Zearn has resulted in large student gains in math in Nebraska.

Curriculum Support Guide

Quality materials can be a game-changer, but – ask any educator – it takes more than a box of books to support teaching and learning. If you are involved in the selection, launch, or support of a curriculum for your school or school system, this website is for you.


EdTrust’s Literacy and Math Assignment Analysis Guides

Use these guides to determine whether classroom assignments align with college and career-ready standards.

Rounding Up: An Analysis of Math Curriculum Effectiveness Studies

Read this report to learn more about current approaches to assessing the effectiveness of math curricula. You can also access the Planning Toolkit for Math Curriculum Research, a resource for district leaders and staff as they explore new math curricula for their schools.

ExcelinEd’s Math Policy Playbook

A comprehensive K-8 math policy is necessary for success in mathematics education. This website describes the fundamental policy principles for K-8 math and provides a model policy.

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