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Finding the How and Seeing the Joy: The Story of High-Quality Instructional Materials in Delaware

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of facilitating a webinar with a set of extraordinary leaders focusing on the impact of high-quality instructional materials in Delaware classrooms. The entire hour is packed with specific facts and examples that not only highlight the impressive outcomes of this work in Delaware, but also dive deeply into how it all happens. Here are just a few of my favorite highlights of the conversation:

Early Literacy Policy Works…When We Work the Policy: Advice from Dr. Kymyona Burk

Can state policy truly help students learn to read?

The answer is yes – but it takes a lot of work from a lot of people to get there. This is the message I got from Dr. Kymyona Burk, Senior Policy Fellow at ExcelinEd and former state literacy director for Mississippi, when I recently sat down to talk to her about her efforts to launch the new Early Literacy Matters platform.

What Do Teachers Think About Curriculum Quality? Tennessee Knows

It’s one (commendable) thing for states to prioritize access to high-quality instructional materials and training for educators – but it’s another (even more commendable) thing to track and study how those priorities are actually showing up in classrooms. That requires hearing from educators who do or do not use those resources, and not every state collects or shares this information. That’s why I’m so impressed by Tennessee’s recent Tennessee Educator Survey results, which include a deep dive into teachers’ beliefs about curriculum and professional learning quality, among several other topics.


Curriculum-Based Professional Learning: The State of the Field

Explore research that analyzes the contours of the field of curriculum-based professional development and identifies opportunities for growth.

Professional Learning Conditions and Practices: A Pathway to Effective Professional Learning

Learn about the key structures of effective professional learning and access materials to help leaders implement the enabling conditions and practices.

2022 Addressing Unfinished Learning Toolkit

This updated toolkit provides guidance, tools, and content-specific resources to help educators best support students’ unfinished learning needs.

Carnegie Elements Report

A report from the Carnegie Corporation of New York outlines the key elements of curriculum-based professional learning that can help school and district leaders revitalize instruction in their schools. Through these best practices, educators can develop their instructional practice and better engage students through experiential learning.

Virtual Professional Learning for School Teachers to Support Them in Online Environment

Explore the story of how teachers in India utilized online platforms for professional learning to quickly adapt to and excel in the new frontier of virtual learning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Evidence-Based Decision Making in Curricula and Professional Learning

Learn how the Overdeck Family Foundation is improving curriculum and professional learning materials by implementing real evidence and feedback from teachers.

What Does Research Tell Us About Professional Development in Education?

Discover the importance of professional learning for teachers and how you can maximize the benefit of these programs in your school.

Dispelling the Myths: What the Research Says About Teacher Professional Learning

Read the truth about how professional learning can benefit educators of all backgrounds and explore best practices for implementing strong professional learning programs.

Educator Learning to Enact the Science of Learning and Development

Dive into the multiple expectations of educators and how we can best prepare and develop teachers to meet the needs of diverse students in a rapidly changing world.

How Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning Are Associated With Teacher Instruction and Student Achievement: A Meta-Analysis

Review how Learning Forward is developing standards that relate directly to teachers leading students toward greater academic success.

Johnson: Teacher Professional Development Is in a Rut, but Better Research Can Help. New Partnership Is Looking to Do Just That

Examine research that shows how teacher professional learning, when executed with the right resources, can rise above teacher’s negative expectations and make a positive impact on educational development.

NIET High-Quality Curriculum Implementation Guide

Focuses on supporting teachers in implementing high-quality instructional materials in the classroom, with emphasis on high-quality professional learning.

Rivet Education Professional Learning Partner Guide

A list of expert-reviewed, high-quality professional development and learning materials for educators.

Curriculum Support Guide

Quality materials can be a game-changer, but – ask any educator – it takes more than a box of books to support teaching and learning. If you are involved in the selection, launch, or support of a curriculum for your school or school system, this website is for you.

Building Better PL: How to Strengthen Teacher Learning

Read emerging evidence on the most promising features of professional learning to support teaching learning and development, including the format and foci of effective professional learning programs.

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