Teachers deserve great instructional materials that get students excited to learn. But 70% of teachers struggle to find high-quality, rigorous material that they can use to drive learning with their students.

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Why High-Quality Instructional Materials?

Teachers use instructional materials in their classrooms every day: they are the activities, guiding questions, and home enrichment resources that students use to learn new skills and demonstrate understanding. They also include training for teachers implementing the curriculum at school and resources for families supporting learning at home. However, not all instructional materials are of the same quality. Nationwide, only about 30% of teachers are consistently using quality materials.

Research consistently shows that using high-quality instructional materials in the classroom is one of the most effective ways to improve student learning and engagement. To accelerate learning, high-quality materials are more important than ever to meet changing educational needs. State and district leaders can support educators, students, and families by ensuring access to these materials and resources.

High-quality instructional materials are strong, engaging resources and approaches for teaching and learning that are:

aligned to academic standards


Aligned to a state’s academic standards and informed by embedded assessments to monitor progress.

endorsed by educators


Endorsed by educators and supported by training for teachers and families.

centered on equity and adaptability


Centered on equity and adaptability for all learners and environments (including virtual).

Materials in My State

State profiles include publicly available information from the state education agency or partners about instructional materials, guidance, and accompanying professional learning (PL). States offer a variety of approaches to elevating high-quality materials and training and/or dedicating pandemic relief funding to these efforts. 

Click on the map below to explore how states and districts are using high-quality learning materials to improve education. Don’t see your state? Check out EdReports.Org for detailed curriculum reviews.

high-quality instructional materials

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