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How to Expand Use of High-Quality Instructional Materials

Explore key resources for school board members and district leaders on how adopting and appropriately implementing high-quality learning materials can drive student progress and set educators up for success.

Case Studies


Redefining Engagement: How Baltimore City Schools Transformed its Approach to Adopting Instructional Materials

Read Baltimore’s story about the power and lasting impact that comes with involving educators and the community at every step of the materials selection process.

Building Buy-in: Rhode Island’s Comprehensive Approach to Selecting High Quality Curricula

Dive into EdReports’ expansive case study of Rhode Island profiling nearly four years of transformational work to overhaul its curriculum selection practices and evolve the culture around instructional materials.

Big Changes in Rural Wisconsin: Improving the Instructional Materials Process

Read the story of a group of rural districts in Wisconsin that came together to strategically engage publishers and develop a new materials adoption culture.

The Power of Engaging All Educators During an Instructional Materials Adoption

Learn about how Fife Public Schools in Washington engaged educators and ensured teacher voice was integral to the district’s instructional materials adoption.

states leading the way curriculum resources

States Leading the Way

Examples from Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Virginia implementing elements of HQIM in a variety of subjects.


Accelerate, Don’t Remediate

TNTP on the impact of Zearn’s high-quality math curriculum on accelerating, rather than remediating, student learning.

center for american progress

Successful Implementation of High-Quality Instructional Materials

Center for American Progress case studies on HQIM in Tulsa, OK; Fort Dodge, IA; and Orange County and Pasco County, FL.

Resources for School Board Members and District Leaders

High-Quality Instructional Materials and Professional Development (IMPD) Network

Learn about CCSSO’s IMPD Network supporting HQIM expansion in 13 states, including case studies and data on the success of this effort.


TNTP Opportunity Myth Report

Research supporting the need for consistent opportunities for students to work on grade-appropriate assignments, strong instruction that puts most of the thinking on students, a sense of deep engagement, and high expectations to meet grade-level standards.


EdTrust’s Literacy and Math Assignment Analysis Guides

Use these guides to determine whether classroom assignments align with college and career-ready standards.

NIET High-Quality Curriculum Implementation Guide

Focuses on supporting teachers in implementing high-quality instructional materials in the classroom, with emphasis on high-quality professional learning.


TNPT Student Experience Toolkit

Assess the equitability of your current instruction and support systems in asking students about their experiences. With this tool, you can monitor students’ access to grade-appropriate assignments and strong instruction and explore strategies to address inequities.

Rivet Education Professional Learning Partner Guide

A list of expert-reviewed, high-quality professional development and learning materials for educators.

Curriculum Support Guide

Quality materials can be a game-changer, but – ask any educator – it takes more than a box of books to support teaching and learning. If you are involved in the selection, launch, or support of a curriculum for your school or school system, this website is for you.


EdReports Key Questions

A set of questions to guide critical conversations about curriculum with district leaders.

EdReports Reports Center

View reports and ratings on curricula used by districts across the country to see how your district’s materials compare. You can also compare instructional materials in English, math, and science across grade levels to make sure your curriculum fits the needs of your students and schools.

EdReports Remote Learning Instructional Materials

Use this tool to reflect on the availability, accessibility, and use of high-quality instructional materials to ensure your district has what it needs for re-entry in the fall and in the future.

5 Ways Teachers Can Advocate for Better Material

Step-by-step recommendations to empower teachers to advocate for better materials in their classrooms.

How I Used EdReports to Advocate for High-Quality Materials

Hear directly from a teacher who pushed himself to advocate for better materials for his district through encouraging educators to act on their position as experts in their field.

Adoption Steps

Use this 6-step process to streamline the process of selecting and implementing high-quality materials with a strong focus on standards-aligned materials.

6 Strategies to Engage Stakeholders
in the Curriculum Review Process

Learn more about how Mississippi overhauled their previous curriculum review process in favor of one that prioritizes high-quality materials.

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